Naruto: Requiem of Ages

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 Tsaki, Mei

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Mei Tsaki
Mei Tsaki

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PostSubject: Tsaki, Mei   Sun Apr 20, 2014 2:56 am

Kekkei Genkai

Name: Flaming Blue Dragon
Description: It links to a persons mind almost as if it could read thoughts and it attacks the enemy based on what is in the persons mind.
**It causes damage to the persons 5 senses depending on how long it’s used and how powerful the user.
HP: -30 per opponent post. Limited to 5 posts for a total of -150 HP
Chakra: -75
Strength: -0


Name: Lightning Cutter
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: S-rank.
Description: Kakashi, who taught Mei this Jutsu in the past, originally developed this technique. The technique channels a large amount of lightning chakra into the hand. The amount of chakra is so great it is visible. It sounds like many birds hence the name. Once complete the user charges forward and thrusts the Chdori into the target producing heavy amounts of damage that is usually fatal.
HP: -120
Chakra: -75
Strength: -0

Name: Flaming Sun
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B-rank
Description: The user carefully spreads out threads of chakra invisible to the normal eye. Then, when they are all carefully placed the user puts the end of the thread in their mouth, builds fire chakra, and blows fire down the thread. If you look at it from above it looks like a sun hence the name.
HP: -40
Chakra: -25
Strength: -0

Name: Flaming Despair
Type: Genjutsu
Rank: A-rank
Description: The user takes a small bit of Fire chakra and gathers it in their eyes. Their eyes then look like flames and the enemy seems to be getting sucked into a pit of fire. As they look into the flames of the pit they face their worst nightmares.
HP: -65
Chakra: -45
Strength: -0

Name: Multiple Kicks
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C-rank
Description: The user kicks the enemy into the air and spins while kicking them multiple times.
HP: -15 per kick that lands.
Chakra: -0
Strength: -20 total.

Weapons and basic attacks

Name: Lightning Bolts
Type: Kunai Attack
Description: The user infuses Lighting Chakra into multiple Kunai and spins letting them go in all directions. They appear to be small lightning bolts.
HP: -20 per kunai that hits.
Chakra: -15 per kunai.
Strength: -10 total
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Drina Rinnma
Drina Rinnma

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PostSubject: Re: Tsaki, Mei   Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:16 am

Should you wish to add more jutsu at some point; please make a new post in this topic instead of editing the previous one. I won't know to look if you edit.

~Drina Rinnma~
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Tsaki, Mei
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